Annual Conference

The American Society for Bioethics and Humanities' Annual Conference connects individuals and groups across many disciplines, all with interest in clinical and academic bioethics and health-related humanities. The Annual Conference provides a platform for presenting new ideas, debate, discussion, learning and networking with other professionals in related fields. 


Networking Hall Space: Engage with our conference attendees at the Networking Hall – a crossroads of exhibiting, networking, and relaxing between sessions.  Reserve your place with a table, or pair it with a dedicated lounge space next to your table to further engagement and networking between sessions!

Networking Hall Exhibitor Application

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Sponsored Sessions

Author Meets Commentator: Host up to 90-minutes to introduce and have an open discussion with a newly published author or group of authors.

Wellness Break: Host and provide content for on-demand wellness (yoga, stretching, meditation) which will be made available as well as ASBH providing dedicated times for wellness each day.

An Evening with Arts + Humanities: Host and provide content for an evening activity of fun and engagement. Take this time to either showcase a performance and/or provide instruction for ASBH attendees.

Sponsored Break with Thought Leaders: Host up to 60-minutes to promote your programs or start conversations on topics your institution is particularly interested in.

Additional sponsorship opportunities available here

Student Sponsorship

ASBH is offering the ability to assign student registrations for our Annual Conference as part of a sponsorship package. Here is how the package will work:

  • Your institution can assign students who will receive registration to the 2023 Annual Meeting, taking place October 11-14, 2023. Each student registration is $100 each.
  • In addition to the student sponsorship, there will be a $500 Sponsorship Fee added to the total number of student registrations. As an example: (10) Student Memberships at $100 each is $1,000 + $500 Sponsorship = $1,500, (12) Student Memberships at $100 each is $1,200 + $500 Sponsorship Fee = $1,700.

Learn more and view the sponsorship form


Mobile App and Conference Platform: All conference attendees utilize the mobile app and conference platform throughout their conference experience. Digitally engage with attendees during the conference.

Website Banner Ad: Before all attendees arrive onsite, they will visit ASBH’s website multiple times. A 30-day banner ad can be displayed on the ASBH Career Center, Book Publication Page, or on the Academic Programs Page based upon your targeted audience.

Program Notebook: Ensure that your advertisement lives on after the conference – place your ad in ASBH’s new keepsake notebook that will return to the workplace with attendees.

Additional advertising opportunities available here. To purchase an ad or ad package, contact Sonia Binder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847.375.4711.

Questions on any of the above? Please reach out to Sonia Binder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847.375.4711.