Bioethics and Health Humanities Journals

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The American Journal of Bioethics
Featuring a unique target article and peer commentary format,The American Journal of Bioethics inspires comprehensive and rigorous debate across the diverse disciplines of bioethics.

Christian Bioethics
Christian Bioethics is a nonecumenical, interdenominational journal exploring the content-full commitments of the Christian faiths with regard to the meaning of human life, sexuality, suffering, illness, and death within the context of medicine and health care. Christian bioethics seeks not to gloss over the differences among the Christian faiths but rather to underscore the content-full moral commitments that separate and give moral substance. It is interdenominational in involving editors and inviting contributions from different Christian perspectives.

The Hastings Center Report
The Hastings Center Report provides thoughtful, balanced inquiry and insight into the bioethical issues that are changing life and society. Its six issues per year combine incisive scholarship with engaging commentary and beautiful writing.

HEC Forum
HEC Forum is an international, peer-reviewd publications featuring original contributions of interest to practicing physicians, nurses, social workers, risk managers, attorneys, ethicists, and other HEC committee members.

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
The Journal of Bioethical Inquiry is a forum for discussing and debating ethical, cultural, and social issues arrising in medicine, the health sciences, and health care in general. Coverage includes core areas of conventional bioethics, such as research, clinical practice, and medical technology.

Journal of Clinical Ethics (JCE)
The Journal of Clinical Ethics is written for and by physicians, nurses, attorneys, clergy, ethicists, and others whose decisions directly affect patients. More than 70 percent of the articles published in JCE are authored or coauthored by physicians.

Journal of Hospital Ethics
The Journal of Hospital Ethics (JoHE) is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to furthering normative discussion associated with moral complexities and value conflicts as they relate both practically and theoretically to the care of patients, families, and clinicians within hospitals and hospital systems. JoHE publishes scholarly features, clinical case analyses, as well as original studies, and serves as an educational resource for medical and surgical residency programs, graduate schools, and bioethics committees, internationally. JoHE is produced and published by the John J. Lynch, MD Center for Ethics at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy serves as a forum for the discussion of issues in ethics and the philosophy of medicine. It draws from contributors from across the globe, reflecting the diversity of scholarly approaches and commitments in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Issues in this bimonthly journal have ranged from health care reform and the role of the family in consent to treatment to the definition of health and disease.

Journal of Pediatric Ethics
The Journal of Pediatric Ethics strives to provide thought leadership through a journal that is dedicated to the ethical complexities that arise in pediatric medicine. Its goal is to provide readers with thoughtful and inspiring feature articles, highlight original research in the field of pediatric ethics, and to promote good clinical practice through extensive case review.

Literature and Medicine
Literature and Medicine features creative and critical works of physician-writers, scholars, and medical humanists. Interdisciplinary in nature, the journal is devoted to exploring interfaces between literary and medical knowledge and understanding.

Medical Humanities
Medical Humanities is a leading international journal that reflects the whole field of medical humanities. Medical Humanities aims to encourage a high academic standard for this evolving and developing subject and to enhance professional and public discussion. It features original articles relevant to the delivery of healthcare, the formulation of public health policy, the experience of being ill and of caring for those who are ill, as well as case conferences, educational case studies, book, film, and art reviews, editorials, correspondence, news and notes. Medical Humanities is the official journal of the Institute of Medical Ethics. ASBH members can receive a significant discount on an annual online subscription upon registration.

Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics
Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics provides a forum for exploring current issues in bioethics through the publication and analysis of personal stories, qualitative and mixed-methods research articles, and case studies. Articles may address the experiences of patients, research participants, health care workers, and researchers. The journal is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of bioethical issues by engaging rich descriptions of complex human experiences. Although the journal upholds appropriate standards for narrative inquiry and qualitative research, it seeks to publish articles that will appeal to a broad readership of health care providers and researchers, bioethicists, sociologists, policy makers, and others.

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Founded in 1957, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine presents articles of current interest in medicine and biology in a context with humanistic, social, and scientific concerns. The journal covers a wide range of biomedical topics: neurobiology, biomedical ethics and history, genetics and evolution, and ecology.

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal
The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal is a scholarly peer-reviewed forum featuring international and domestic views, analysis, and insight on important developments in bioethics.

Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics examines clinical judgment and reasoning, medical concepts such as health and disease, the philosophical basis of medical science, and the philosophical ethics of health care and biomedical research.

Additional Journals

The AMA Journal of Ethics
The AMA Journal of Ethics® exists to help health professions students and clinicians navigate ethical decisions in service to patients and society by offering hundreds of cases and expert commentary, medical education articles, policy discussions, peer-reviewed articles for journal-based and audio CME, visuals, and more. The journal is free (no subscription or publication fees).

American Journal of Bioethics Empirical Bioethics
AJOB Empirical Bioethics is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing empirical research in bioethics, including conceptual and ethical analyses. AJOB Empirical Bioethics addresses topics in social scientific research applied to bioethical questions, health policy and health services research as it relates to bioethics, and other forms of original research. 

American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience
AJOB Neuroscience provides a comprehensive resource for scholars, practitioners, and others intereseting in ethics and the brains sciences. We interpret the scope of the field broadly, and seek wide-ranging contributions exploring the clinical, ethical, social, and legal dimensions of neuroscience.

Ars Medica
Ars Medica is a biannual literary journal that explores the interface between the arts and medicine and examines what makes medicine an art.Ars Medicaprovides a place for dialogue, meaning making, and the representation of experiences of the body, health, wellness, and encounters with the medical system. Content includes narratives from patients and health care workers, medical history, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art.

Bioethics Open Research

Bioethics Open Research is an Open Research publishing platform for researchers, scholars and clinicians working in bioethics. All articles benefit from rapid publication, transparent peer review and editorial guidance on making all source data openly available.

BMC Medical Ethics
BMC Medical Ethics is a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing research articles relating to the ethical aspects of biomedical research and clinical practice, including professional choices and conduct, medical technologies, healthcare systems, and health policies. 

The Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
The Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics serves as an international forum for addressing the increasingly complex challenges of biology, medicine, and health care. As a journal committed to expanding the community of bioethicists worldwide,CQwelcomes well-argued papers from a variety of methodological and normative viewpoints.

Canadian Journal of Bioethics
The Canadian Journal of Bioethics (formerly called BioéthiqueOnline) is a peer-reviewed, bilingual (French and English), international, open access academic journal that publishes theoretical, conceptual and empirical research in bioethics.

Health Care Ethics USA
A quarterly newsletter jointly published by the Center for Health Care Ethics at Saint Louis University and the Catholic Health Association of the United States. This publication is an ethics vehicle for the Catholic health ministry. In it, ethicists and those responsible for ethics in their organizations will share ideas, ethical analyses and reflections, leading practices, policies, tools, case studies, literature reviews and bibliographies, and other important resources.

International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB)  
Edited by Mary C. Rawlinson and published twice a year, the journal provides a forum within bioethics for feminist thought and debate. Sponsored by the International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, IJFAB regularly publishes articles on ethical issues related to health, health care, and the biomedical sciences. The journal demonstrates clearly the necessity and distinctive contributions of feminist scholarship to bioethics. 

Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
JLME is a leading peer-reviewed hournal for research at the intersection of law, health policy, ethics, and medicine. Read by more than 4,500 health care professionals, JLME is the authoritatice source for health law teachers, practitioners, policy makers, risk managers, and anyone else concerned with the safe, equitable, and ethical delivery of health care services.

Journal of Medical Ethics
The Journal of Medical Ethics is a leading international journal that reflects the whole field of medical ethics. The journal seeks to promote ethical reflection and conduct in scientific research and medical practice. It features original, full length articles on ethical aspects of health care, as well as brief reports, responses, editorials, and other relevant material.Journal of Medical Ethics is the official journal of the Institute of Medical Ethics

Journal of Medical Humanities
The Journal of Medical Humanities publishes original papers reflecting its broad perspective on interdisciplinary studies of medicine and medical education. Research findings emerge from three areas of investigation: medical humanities, cultural studies, and pedagogy.

Medicine, Healthcare, and Philosophy
Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy is a forum for international exchange of research data, theories, reports and opinions on bioethics, and the philosophy of medicine and health care. This offical journal of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care covers history, ethics, anthropology, epistemology, logic, metaphysics, and health care.

Pediatric Ethicscope: The Journal of Pediatric Bioethics
Pediatric Ethicscope is a peer-reviewed clinical and academic journal devoted to pediatric bioethics and pediatric clinical ethics. The journal includes a distinguished editorial board, preeminent in the field of pediatric ethics, and features short and long form issue analyses, review articles, case studies, grand rounds (ethics consult dialogues), point/ counterpoint segments, interviews with prominent ethicists, book reviews, and in-person reports on ethics education opportunities. The journal accepts manuscripts in all of the aforementioned categories.

Voices in Bioethics
Voices in Bioethics is a peer-reviewed, open-access, free bioethics journal published in partnership with Columbia University Libraries.