ASBH21 VirtualProgram Theme

Bioethics and Humanities at the Crossroads 

Submit a Proposal

The call for proposals will close at Noon Central Time, Monday, March 8, 2021. No proposals or changes will be accepted after that time. The ASBH office closes at 6 pm Central Time and no live assistance will be available after that time. It is advisable to submit your proposal several hours before the proposal deadline. If you are having technical problems, call 847-375-4745 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • As you submit your proposal, you should be aware that ASBH is unable to accommodate requests for specific dates and times, as any rescheduling has a serious cascading effect on other presenters. If your proposal is accepted, you should be prepared to pay for registration and attend the meeting on the day on which your presentation is scheduled.
  • All presenters are required to complete a registration form, pay the registration fee for the whole meeting or for one day, and cover all travel and personal expenses.
  • ASBH has a “two submission” rule. You can submit no more than two abstracts (including flash presentations) or be included in no more than two workshops, panels, debates, or performances submitted by others. This rule does not apply to pre-conference workshop presenters or to non-presenting co-authors of papers or flash presentations.
  • ASBH has a “two presentation” rule. You may present no more than two times during a meeting. This rule does not apply to pre-conference workshop presenters or to non-presenting co-authors or timekeepers of paper or flash presentations (who do not present).
  • If accepted, presenters who have financial interests or other relationships that could be considered a conflict of interest by participants must complete a disclosure form to qualify for continuing education credit.
  • Keep a copy of your proposal.
  • You may be asked to pre-record your presentation or reformat your presentation for the virtual landscape.

Review the call for proposals for the full conference theme, full session descriptions and important information regarding submitting your proposals. In order to submit any proposal, you will be prompted for your ASBH website login credentials; if you do not have an ASBH website account, you will have the opportunity to create one.

Submit your proposal now!

Submission Formats

Preconference Workshops. These 3.5 hour sessions are offered as extra-cost events before the beginning of the annual conference proper. Preconference sessions focus on teaching content that is actionable and provides tools, information, and knowledge that can be applied by attendees in their own work. These submissions will not be anonymized for the peer review process.

Workshops. These presentations are designed for instruction and interaction in a 75-minute session. Presenters must engage and involve the members of the audience for a significant portion of the session in small group activities, breakouts, role play, audience feedback, or discussion of cases or other content, design of materials and models, and similar forms of interactions. They are limited to 4 presenters, preferably from multiple disciplines and institutions.

Panel Presentations. The ideal panel presentation compares and contrasts a variety of perspectives on a cohesive theme or includes presentations that are cross-disciplinary and build on one another. Panels are limited to 4 presenters who should be from multiple disciplines and institutions. One of these 4 presenters will serve as a moderator, and will be responsible for teeing up the discussion, introducing the presenters, keeping the session on schedule, and facilitating questions and answers as time allows. You are required to list who will serve as the moderator. Panel presentations are 75 minutes.

Debates. These 75-minute sessions provide an opportunity to present opposing views about a topic. Sessions must include a moderator to introduce the issue/topic and up to four presenters, each presenting alternative approaches or views to the issue/topic. Proposal abstract should include the issue/topic to be debated, the structure of the debate, descriptions of the major points likely to be argued by each presenter, and the general qualifications of each presenter (without compromising anonymity) to ensure a fair debate. You are required to list who will serve as the moderator. Presenters must incorporate at least 15 minutes for audience interaction, questions, and response.

Performances and Exhibitions. These sessions feature work created to be performed or exhibited and invite the audience to reflect critically and in a scholarly manner on relevant issues/topics. Possible formats include, but are not limited to, staged dramatic performances, readers’ theater, movement-based compositions, exhibitions, 2D work, 3D work, projection, sound art, and readings of original work. Performances or Exhibitions may be proposed by one or more presenters and may include more than one performance/exhibition, in which case identifying a critical theme that connects the pieces is strongly recommended. Sessions are 75 minutes and must incorporate at least 15 minutes for audience interaction, questions, and/or other opportunities for response. Proposals should include space requirements and other relevant specifications. These sessions are limited to 4 presenters. We regret that no additional funding is available for producing performance sessions.

Paper Presentations. In this format, one individual will have 15 minutes to present a brief structured discussion or lecture based on a work-in-progress or a paper with central, substantive content that has not been previously published, followed by 10 minutes to address questions from the audience. Three paper presentations will be grouped in a 75-minute session.

Flash Presentations. In this 75-minute flash format (which replaces poster presentations), individuals will have 5 minutes to present 3 slides: one with a title and their name and institution, a second with key points on a work-in-progress or a completed project, and a third with a bibliography. Each flash session will include presentations by approximately 10 individuals, followed by a period for individual conversations with each presenter. Members of the ASBH Board of Directors and Program Committee will moderate presentations, transitions between speakers, and interactions with the audience. 

Review and Notification

ASBH uses a rigorous 3-stage review process:

  1. All submissions are reviewed anonymously by an average of three ASBH members recruited for their expertise in the topic category selected. Each reviewer is asked to score the proposal on a 5-point scale considering contribution to existing knowledge; innovation, cutting-edge, and novelty; presentation of innovative solutions to current issues in the fields of bioethics and humanities; cross-disciplinary approaches; and quality of the written proposal. Level 1 Review. 

  2. At the second stage of the process, one experienced reviewer for each category assesses all of the individual and average scores throughout that category, taking into consideration factors such as significance, innovation, relevance, breadth of topic, and appropriateness for the meeting.

  3. Finally, in a face-to-face meeting, the Program Committee—with access to all of the previous assessments—selects the strongest proposals that address topics of interest to a multidisciplinary community. The committee then considers balance among the categories and subjects, and scans for unique or unusual topics. At this stage, the names of all presenters are revealed to ensure compliance with the two-presenter rule.

  • The program committee may accept some proposals in a different format, e.g., a proposal submitted as a 20-minute session may be accepted as a 5-minute presentation.
  • Notification of a proposal's status is sent via email in June 2021. 

If you have any questions, please contact the ASBH office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847.375.4745.