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ASBH 25th Annual Conference

Program Theme and Description

Engaging the Past to Energize the Future: Creating Space for Inclusive Public Discourse

The 25th anniversary of ASBH is an opportunity for us as a community to reconsider the role of bioethics and humanities in society. For example, how best to respond to divisive policies and frame honest and open discussions with those with whom we disagree. Part of this reconsideration calls for creating spaces—physical or otherwise—that facilitate interaction and deliberation.

In that vein, the 2023 ASBH Annual Conference will address critical questions including: How can we frame conversations and debates to identify substantive discussion points without resorting to pure rhetoric? How best can we solicit the perspectives of key stakeholders when making decisions with broad implications? How can we destructuralize racism and other biases routinely built into healthcare access?


The 2023 Annual Conference schedule will be available closer to the conference date. 

Who Should Attend

The American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) Annual Conference is designed for physicians, nurses, attorneys, historians, philosophers, professors of literature and the humanities, members of the clergy, social workers, and others engaged in endeavors related to clinical and academic bioethics and the health-related humanities.
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Productive Engagement

ASBH supports an environment of productive engagement, where the free expression of diverse points of view occurs in an atmosphere of scholarly exchange and mutual respect. Conference attendees, participants, and vendors are expected to observe commonsense norms for public behavior, personal interaction, and common courtesy. Abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior is not acceptable.


Respect common sense norms for public behavior, personal interaction, and common courtesy. Abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior is not acceptable.

Real Conversation

ASBH encourages an environment of free expression, diverse points of view, scholarly exchange, and mutual respect.

Health, Safety and Productive Engagement Consent 

By registering for this meeting you agree to adhere to all health and safety protocols put in place by ASBH for the 25th Annual Conference and agree to abide by the ASBH Productive Engagement Statement while attending and participating in the 25th Annual Conference. 

2023 Program Committee

Andrew Shuman, MD HEC-C, Chair
University of Michigan

Laura Guidry-Grimes, PhD HEC-C
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Kimbell Kornu, MD PhD HEC-C
Saint Louis University Center for Health Care Ethics

Nicole Martinez-Martin, JD PhD 
Stanford University

Elizabeth Pendo, JD
St. Louis University

Shilpa Shashidhara, PhD
Sutter Health

Board Liaisons

Kayhan Parsi, JD PhD HEC-C
Loyal University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Toby Schonfeld, PhD
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs