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ASBH 24th Annual Conference

Program Theme

Reimagining and Claiming the Role of Public Bioethics and Health Humanities

Program Description

ASBH’s 24th Annual Conference examines the role of bioethics and the health humanities in understanding some of our most pressing public controversies and concerns. We will critically explore the transformations that bioethics and the health humanities have undergone in both their evolution as fields and their engagement with the public as highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we gather in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic, let us use lessons learned to reimagine and claim the public role of bioethics and the health humanities, reflect on different types of interconnection and engagement with the public, and together chart new courses forward.

The conference will address critical questions such as these: How can we reckon with past failings and rebuild trust among diverse communities? How might the public face of bioethics continue to shift over the coming years? How can we recognize the connections between bioethics and the health humanities and use these intersections to propel us toward solutions to pressing public problems?

After participating in this conference, attendees should be able to:

  • Define public bioethics and health humanities
  • Explore emerging issues in bioethics and the health humanities
  • Discuss and apply recent research findings and insights from critical methodologies related to bioethics and the health humanities
  • Demonstrate how bioethics and the health humanities can engage with diverse public communities
  • Identify opportunities to advocate for structural, cultural, and disciplinary changes through examination of diverse values and viewpoints

Session topics include:

  • Clinical Ethics
  • Diversity, Disparity, and Inclusion
  • Education/Interprofessionalism
  • Health Humanities
  • History, Religion, and Culture
  • Law, Public Health Policy, and Organizational Ethics
  • Philosophy
  • Research Ethics and Social Sciences


The 2022 Annual Conference digital schedule is now available. To view the planner from a computer, use the link below.

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To access the conference app from a phone or tablet, download the Event Pilot app in the app store. Once downloaded, you can search for the event using the ASBH22 event code. Download the event and log in to save sessions to your personal schedule. If you downloaded the app in 2021, launch the app and select "More" in the bottom right to update the app for this year's conference.

Who Should Attend

The American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) Annual Conference is designed for physicians, nurses, attorneys, historians, philosophers, professors of literature and the humanities, members of the clergy, social workers, and others engaged in endeavors related to clinical and academic bioethics and the health-related humanities.

Make your room reservation now! The special rate for the conference is $220. A limited number of rooms are reserved at this rate. To secure a room please contact the Hyatt Regency Portland by booking online 24/7 here or by calling 971.222.1234. Reservations must be made by September 27, 2022 or before the group rooms are sold out, so do not delay. Prevailing rates may apply after this date or when the group rooms are sold out, whichever occurs first. Rooms are subject to availability.

View or print the conference brochure here.

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Productive Engagement

ASBH supports an environment of productive engagement, where the free expression of diverse points of view occurs in an atmosphere of scholarly exchange and mutual respect. Conference attendees, participants, and vendors are expected to observe commonsense norms for public behavior, personal interaction, and common courtesy. Abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior is not acceptable.


Respect common sense norms for public behavior, personal interaction, and common courtesy. Abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior is not acceptable.

Real Conversation

ASBH encourages an environment of free expression, diverse points of view, scholarly exchange, and mutual respect.

Health, Safety and Productive Engagement Consent 

By registering for this meeting you agree to adhere to all health and safety protocols put in place by ASBH for the 24th Annual Conference and agree to abide by the ASBH Productive Engagement Statement while attending and participating in the 24th Annual Conference. 

2022 Program Committee

Elizabeth Pendo, JD, Chair
St. Louis University

Laura Guidry-Grimes, PhD HEC-C
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Kimbell Kornu, MD PhD HEC-C
Saint Louis University Center for Health Care Ethics

Erin Lamb, PhD
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Andrew Shuman, MD HEC-C
University of Michigan

Devan Stahl, MDiv PhD HEC-C
Baylor University

Board Liaisons

Kayhan Parsi, JD PhD HEC-C
Loyal University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

Toby Schonfeld, PhD
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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