ASBH Leadership

Board of Directors

The ASBH Board of Directors, the governing body of the Society, is composed of a 5-member Executive Committee, 8 Directors at Large, and 1 Student Director.

Executive Committee


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Kayhan Parsi, JD PhD HEC-C 
Loyola University Chicago 
Chicago, IL 

Immediate Past President

Ana Smith Iltis, PhD
Wake Forest University
Winston Salem, NC


Toby Schonfeld, PhD
U S Department of Veterans Affairs
Washington, DC


Elizabeth G. Epstein, PhD RN HEC-C
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA


Patrick Smith, PhD
Duke University
Durham, NC

Director at Large

Blumenthal Barby
Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby, PhD MA
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Director at Large

Gretchen Case, PhD
The University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Director at Large

Sabrina Derrington, MD MA HEC-C FAAP
USC Keck School of Medicine 
Children's Hospital Los Angeles 
Los Angeles, CA

Director at Large

Rachel Fabi, PhD
SUNY Upstate Medical University 
Syracuse, NY

Director at Large

Marin Gillis, PhD LPh
Roseman College of Medicine
Las Vegas, NV

Director at Large

George Hardart, MD MPH
Columbia University 
Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons 
New York, NY

Director at Large

Aaron Levine, PhD
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA

Director at Large

Johanna Rian, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

Director at Large

Wasson K 117
Katherine Wasson, PhD MPH HEC-C
Loyola University Chicago 
Chicago, IL 

Student Director

Feller Novick 
Adrienne Feller Novick, MS MSW HEC-C
NuHealth/Northwell Health
Long Beach, NY

Ex Officio

Executive Director

Benner-Mary Beth-180109-2525-fave-final-crop
Mary Beth Benner, CAE

Past Presidents

2017-19 Alex Kon, MD HEC-C FAAP FCCM
2015-17 Amy Haddad, PhD RN
2013-15 Felicia Cohn, PhD MA
2011-13 Joseph J. Fins, MD FACP
2009-11 Mark G. Kuczewski, PhD
2008-09 Hilde Lindemann, PhD
2007-08 Tod S. Chambers, PhD
2006-07 Paul Root Wolpe, PhD
2005-06 Matthew K. Wynia, MD MPH
2004-05 Arthur R. Derse, MD JD
2003-04 Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD
2002-03 John D. Lantos, MD
2001-02 Kathryn Montgomery, PhD
2000-01 Laurie S. Zoloth, PhD
1999-00 Thomas H. Murray, PhD
1998-99 Mary Faith Marshall, PhD
1998      Loretta M. Kopelman, PhD