Benefits of Certification for Healthcare Ethics Consultants

Be one of the first certified healthcare ethics consultants.

Your fundamental knowledge in healthcare ethics is a unique asset in your care of patients and families—and now there is a credential to show for it. Earning the HEC-C credential sets you apart to enhance your career and promote the importance of your work.

Application Information

Underscore your skills with a national standard.

The HEC-C credential is a specific marker of your fundamental skillset and positions you as a vital resource within your institution. Using focus groups, surveys, and discussion, the certification program is designed to cover the essential role and functions of healthcare ethics consultants and demonstrate your foundational knowledge of critical concepts within your practice.

Highlight the importance of healthcare ethics consulting in patient care.

Your specialized knowledge enables you to prevent, identify, and resolve ethical concerns that may arise when working with patients, families, and medical providers. Earning the HEC-C credential enforces your role in the medical decision-making process, which is paramount to maintaining ethical practices in patient care.

Emphasize your institution’s commitment to excellence in practice.

By becoming a certified healthcare ethics consultant, you become an example of your institution’s commitment to the highest level of care and service. The HEC-C program is a unique professional development opportunity that positions you as a certified professional when your patient care team is faced with an ethical concern.

Ready to enhance your career in healthcare ethics consulting?

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