Annual Conference

Thank you for attending the 2022 ASBH Annual Conference! 

Conference FAQ

By registering to attend the conference, you agree to the following policies and information.

What is ASBH’s Productive Engagement Policy? 

ASBH supports an environment of productive engagement, where the free expression of diverse points of view occurs in an atmosphere of scholarly exchange and mutual respect. Conference attendees, participants, and vendors are expected to observe commonsense norms for public behavior, personal interaction, and common courtesy. Abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior is not acceptable.

The expectation for productive engagement applies to all ASBH programs and activities. ASBH encourages those who experience or witness a breach of this policy to communicate concerns directly with those involved in the incident when possible and safe. In attempts to resolve such issues, respectful dialogue and sensitivity are often the most effective means.

Alleged breaches in expectations may be brought to the attention of any ASBH board member or staff member. If leaders or staff members are notified of an incident, it will be elevated to the ASBH Board President and Executive Director to determine the appropriate action, and if necessary, notify the appropriate authorities. It is not within the purview of ASBH nor does ASBH have any authority to intervene in alleged complaints or violations that take place outside of ASBH activities or within a particular institution or organization.

How are registration rates determined? 

Registration rates are set by the Board of Directors each year during the budgeting process. The Board balances the need to cover conference expenses with the desire to keep registration rates accessible and comparable with similar interdisciplinary conferences. 

How can I receive continuing education (CE) credit for the conference?

To claim CE for the Annual Conference, you must purchase CE credit at the time of registration, attend the live event, and complete evaluations following the event. ASBH typically offers Continuing Medical Education credit, Continuing Nursing Education credit, Professional Continuing Education credit, and Social Work credit.  


Virtual Schedule and Conference App

Access the Virtual Schedule

How do I access the conference planner?

From your computer: Click the link below to enter the virtual planner. Click login. Use the email and password that you registered with. Please make sure pop-ups are allowed. A new window will pop-up that prompts to login using the email you registered for the conference. If a window does not open, look in the URL bar to see if pop-ups were blocked, if you see a picture like the below, click to allow popups. 


From your phone or tablet
: download the Event Pilot app in the app store. 

Once downloaded, you can search for our event by entering ASBH in the search bar. Select ASBH22 and click download. The app and the above website will sync your schedule and meeting information. Click login. Use the email and password that you registered with. Please make sure pop-ups are allowed.

We are using the same app that was utilized for the ASBH 2021 Virtual Conference. If you participated in 2021 and still have the app downloaded, in the app, click the three dots at the bottom right that say “More”, select “Find Event”, and search ASBH22 to update to the current event.

What is my login information?

Your login information is the same email and password used to register for this meeting. If you have any difficulties or cannot remember, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Where can I find the session schedule and information on each session?

The session schedule is available from the "Schedule View" or "List Agenda" tabs on the virtual planner. Sessions can be sorted by Day, Type or Tracks, and you can search for specific speakers, session titles, or abstracts. 



Click here for the Evaluation Portal
Step-by-step instructions and Evaluation FAQ

How do I access the session evaluations?

Individual session evaluations will become available on the day they take place (For Example: If a session takes place on Thursday, it will be available starting Thursday). The overall session evaluation will become available starting on Saturday. 

Click the Evaluation Portal button above. Login using your ASBH login. If you are already logged in, it may log you in automatically. If you need help locating your ASBH login, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Select the graduation cap in line with ASBH 24th Annual Conference. This will take you to the evaluation portal. For more information, visit the Evaluations Guide

When I login to the Evaluation Portal, it says "Attendance Only" but I am looking to receive credit, what do I do?

  • Reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847.375.4745 to add onto your existing conference registration or ensure that your purchase of credit was processed properly.
  • After December 31, 2022, you will be unable to add continuing education credit to your existing registration.

I cannot find a session, why is it not listed in the surveys?

You can only complete evaluations for sessions that are eligible to offer CE credit. If the session is not listed, that session does not qualify for credit or has not opted to offer credit.

Can I use My Schedule from the conference platform?

Unfortunately, the two systems do not sync. However, if you saved the sessions in My Schedule in the conference platform, you can download a PDF or CSV Spreadsheet. This can be used to help you easily find and select the sessions you attended in the Evaluation platform.

Download My Schedule