Annual Conference

Thanks for attending the ASBH 2021 Dynamic Virtual Meeting!

Below are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful as you navigate our online experience. You can access the virtual platform here

Virtual Platform


  • Connect live to all sessions: debate, panel, performance/exhibition, workshop presentations, paper and flash sessions
  • Browse the conference program by session title, topic area, abstract name, or presenter
  • Watch plenary sessions and participate in live plenary Q&As
  • Build a custom itinerary of sessions
  • Access all presentation recordings (recordings are typically available 24 hours after session has ended)

Please make sure you connect to the virtual meeting using Google Chrome. Click here to download Google Chrome. 



Click here for the Evaluation Portal
Step-by-step instructions and Evaluation FAQ

How do I access the session evaluations?

Click the Evaluation Portal button above. Login using your ASBH login. If you are already logged in, it may log you in automatically. If you need help locating your ASBH login, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Select the graduation cap in line with ASBH 23rd Annual Conference. This will take you to the evaluation portal. 


When I login to the Evaluation Portal, it says "Attendence Only" but I am looking to receive credit, what do I do?

  • Reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 847-375-4745 to add onto your existing conference registration or ensure that your purchase of credit was processed properly.
  • After December 31, 2021, you will be unable to add continuing education credit to your existing registration.

I cannot find a session, why is it not listed in the surveys?

Only sessions that receive credit are available for evaluations. If the session is not listed, it is most likely not a session that receives credit.

Can I use My Schedule from the conference platform?

Unfortunately, the two systems do not sync. However, if you saved the sessions in My Schedule in the conference platform, you can download a PDF or CSV Spreadsheet. This can be used to help you easily find and select the sessions you attended in the Evaluation platform.

Download My Schedule

How long do I have to submit my evaluations?

All evaluations must be submitted by 11:59 pm CDT on December 31, 2021. If you submit evaluations prior to that date, you will be able to access and download your certificate of attendance or credit at any time, even after the evaluation deadline.


 How do I access the Virtual Meeting?

From your computer: Click the link below to enter the virtual conference platform. Click login. Use the email and password that you registered with. Please make sure pop-ups are allowed. A new window will pop-up that prompts to login using the email you registered for the conference. If a window does not open, look in the URL bar to see if pop-ups were blocked, if you see a picture like the below, click to allow popups. 


Virtual Conference Platform


From your phone or tablet: download the Event Pilot app in the app store.

Once downloaded, you can search for our event by entering ASBH in the search bar. Select ASBH21 and click download. The app and the above website will sync your schedule and meeting information. Click login. Use the email and password that you registered with. Please make sure pop-ups are allowed.

We are using the same app that was utilized for the ASBH 2020 Virtual Conference. If you participated in 2020 and still have the app downloaded, in the app, click the three dots at the bottom right that say “More”, select “Find Event”, and search ASBH21 to update to the current event.

How do I access and use the conference schedule?

ASBH20 Virtual Schedule Navigation 1Paper and Flash Session Screen ShotPlenary and other session screen shotConference Supporters

How do I view my schedule?

From the home page, click the "My Schedule" blue button.

From the agenda, on the left-side panel, click the "My Schedule" button under your name in the filter area. 

my schedule

Once your schedule is built, you have the option to download your schedule to a PDF, iCal file (for your outlook calendar), or CSV Spreadsheet. 

Download My Schedule

What is my login information?

Your login information is the same email and password used to register for this meeting. If you have any difficulties or cannot remember, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Where can I find the session schedule and information on each session?

The session schedule can be found here. Sessions can be sorted by Day, Type or Tracks.

Are the sessions recorded?

All live sessions will be recorded through the virtual conference system unless otherwise requested by the speakers. The recordings will typically be available on the virtual schedule around 24 hours after the scheduled session ends. You must be logged in to view the recordings.

The recordings can be accessed from the session listing in the Appor Platform. When the recording is available, the “Webinar Closed” or "Virtual Session Closed" message will switch to a “View Recording” button.

What do the asterisks on session titles mean?

An asterisk in a session title indicates that the session recording will not be posted to the virtual platform following the session. These sessions will only be available by tuning in live via the "Join Virtual Session" button during the scheduled session time.

 How can I view and interact with the Community Walls?

The links and descriptions for each wall are available in the virtual platform under the Community Walls tab from the home page of the platform or app. 

  • Do I need a Padlet account to post or comment? By default, contributors to a Padlet do not need a Padlet account in order to contribute to one shared with them. Without an account, anything they write will appear anonymous. To create an account, click sign up in the top right corner. 
  • How to add a post: Double-tap or click the add (+) button on the Padlet. Add a title and some text. Tap Publish to post. For a more striking entry, you can also add media files to your post. Some of the attachment options include images, documents, links, videos, and drawings.
  • How to comment or like a post: At the bottom of each post, you can like and comment on the post. Click on the heart to like the post. To add a comment, click "add a comment" and start typing. Once your comment is in, click the arrow on the right to submit. If you do not have an account, it will as appear anonymous. To create an account, see above. 

Productive Engagement Policy

ASBH supports an environment of productive engagement, where the free expression of diverse points of view occurs in an atmosphere of scholarly exchange and mutual respect. Conference attendees, participants, and vendors are expected to observe commonsense norms for public behavior, personal interaction, and common courtesy. Abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior is not acceptable.

The expectation for productive engagement applies to all ASBH programs and activities. ASBH encourages those who experience or witness a breach of this policy to communicate concerns directly with those involved in the incident when possible and safe. In attempts to resolve such issues, respectful dialogue and sensitivity are often the most effective means.

Alleged breaches in expectations may be brought to the attention of any ASBH board member or staff member. If leaders or staff members are notified of an incident, it will be elevated to the ASBH Board President and Executive Director to determine the appropriate action, and if necessary, notify the appropriate authorities. It is not within the purview of ASBH nor does ASBH have any authority to intervene in alleged complaints or violations that take place outside of ASBH activities or within a particular institution or organization.