Bylaws Amendments

In October 2020, the Board of Directors approved a proposal from the Governance and Leadership Task Force to change the title and add more specific and rigorous qualifications for the Student Director position on the ASBH Board of Directors. In August 2021, the ASBH membership voted overwhelmingly to support the amendments, supporting the importance of trainee or student participation on the Board. ASBH seeks trainees and students who bring a unique point of view to the strategic issues discussed by the Board to serve a two-year term, allowing for optimal experience and impact. The amendments also support ASBH’s aspirations for diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that a trainee or student voice remains on the Board.

In order to allow the trainee or student position to provide optimal impact, the following amendments have been made to the ASBH Bylaws:


Section 2. Board Composition and Organization

2.1 The Board of Directors shall be comprised of twelve (12) to fifteen (15) members, including one (1) trainee or student member, the exact number to be fixed by resolution of the Board.

2.5 The Trainee or Student Director shall serve a two-year term. The position may be left vacant if a qualified candidate is not identified.

ASBH Nominating Committee policy will be updated to reflect the newly named board position and include the following definitions/requirements.

Trainee or Student Directors must maintain trainee/student status for a minimum of 6 months after their Board term begins. For the purposes of this designation:

  1. A trainee is an individual who is participating in a post-baccalaureate, post-graduate, or post-doctoral program such as a fellowship, internship, residency, or other similar training program.
  2. A student is an individual who is participating in a degree-conferring or certificate-conferring program.

At the time of application, the Trainee or Student Director

  • Must be an ASBH member and have been a member for a two-year minimum
  • Must have attended at least two annual conferences
  • Must maintain student or trainee status for a minimum of 6 months after Board term begins