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ASBH 20th Annual Conference
October 18-21, 2018
Disneyland® Hotel
Anaheim, CA

ASBH thanks everyone who helped make the 2017 conference such a success. Join ASBH for more information about the 2018 ASBH conference, including the call for proposals and registration.

2017 Lifetime Achievement Awards

ASBH 2017 myra christopher and steve miles lifetime achievement award

Myra Christopher and Steven Miles, MD were both awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

2017 Cornerstone Awards

ASBH 2017 cornerstone award ANA center for ethics and human rights

Liz Stokes, JD MA RN, Senior Policy Advisor; Laurie Badzek, LLM JD RN FAAN, Director; Martha Turner, PhD RN-BC FAAN, Assistant Director accepted the Cornerstone Award on behalf of The ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights.

ASBH 2017 cornerstone award center for literature and medicine

Martin Kohn, PhD and Erin Lamb, PhD, pictured with Jay Baruch, MD (center), accepted the Cornerstone Award on behalf of The Center for Literature and Medicine.


Kansas City Attractions

National World War I Memorial

The National World War I Museum and Memorial is America’s leading institution dedicated to remembering, interpreting, and understanding the Great War and its enduring impact on the global community.

Union Station

Architectural Masterpiece. Living History. A place for great adventure. Where Kansas City Connects. All of these phrases – and more – are regularly used to describe Union Station. Visitors of all ages, from all places, and for all reasons tie Union Station to special and magical moments in their lives.

Boulevard Brewing Company

Founded in 1989, Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to become the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest. Its mission is simple: to produce fresh, flavorful beers using the finest traditional ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques. The best way to soak in the culture is to join a tour.

Nearby Activities

Discover a world of vibrant arts & other local attractions, delicious dining, and Midwest hospitality at its finest.


ASBH 20th Annual Conference
October 18-21, 2018
Anaheim, CA

Program Theme

The Future is Now: Bioethics and Humanities Re-Imagine an Uncertain World


Submit a Proposal

Proposals are being accepted for the ASBH 20th Annual Conference.

Review the call for proposals for the full conference theme, full session descriptions and important information regarding submitting your proposals.  In order to submit any proposal, you will be prompted for your ASBH website login credentials; if you do not have an ASBH website account, you will have the opportunity to create one.
Submit a proposal for a pre-conference workshop, panel presentation or workshop. 

Pre-Conference Workshops: These 3.5 hour sessions are offered as extra-cost events before the beginning of the Annual Conference proper.

Workshop: Designed for instruction and interaction in a 90-minute session. These sessions are limited to 4 presenters, preferably from multiple disciplines and institutions.

Panel Presentation: Compare and contrast a variety of perspectives on a cohesive theme or includes presentations that are cross-disciplinary and build on one another. Limited to 4 presenters and can be 60 or 90 minutes. One of these 4 presenters will serve as a moderator.

Submit a proposal for a flash or paper session.

Paper Presentation: One individual will have 15 minutes to present a discussion or lecture based on a work-in-progress or a paper whose central, substantive content has not been previously published, followed by 5 minutes to address questions from the audience.

Flash Presentation: In this “flash” presentation format, individuals will have 5 minutes to present 3 slides. Members of the ASBH Board of Directors and Program Committee will moderate presentations and interactions with the audience by approximately 10 individuals in a 60-minute session. This format replaces poster presentations.


Review and Notification

ASBH uses a rigorous 3-stage review process:

  1. All submissions are reviewed anonymously by an average of three ASBH members recruited for their expertise in the topic category selected. Each reviewer is asked to score the proposal on a 5-point scale considering contribution to existing knowledge; innovation, cutting-edge, and novelty; presentation of innovative solutions to current issues in the fields of bioethics and humanities; cross-disciplinary approaches; and quality of the written proposal.
  2. At the second stage of the process, one experienced reviewer for each category assesses all of the individual and average scores throughout that category, taking into consideration factors such as significance, innovation, relevance, breadth of topic, and appropriateness for the meeting.
  3. Finally, in a face-to-face meeting, the Program Committee—with access to all of the previous assessments—selects the strongest proposals that address topics of interest to a multidisciplinary community. The committee then considers balance among the categories and subjects, and scans for unique or unusual topics. At this stage, the names of all presenters are revealed to ensure compliance with the two-presenter rule.
  • The program committee may accept some proposals in a different format, e.g., a proposal submitted as a 20-minute session may be accepted as a 5-minute presentation.
  • Notification of a proposal's status is sent via email in late May. 


Kansas City Attractions

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson-art-gallery1The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art establishes and adheres to the highest professional standards and practices in research, scholarship, presentation, interpretation, and care of their collections. It has created an environment where people can gather, share, and contemplate the greatest collection of humankind.

American Jazz Museum

jazz-museumFrom world class performances, award-winning venues, and exceptional educational programming to striking jazz art exhibitions, stunning film collections, and one-of-a-kind exhibit spaces, the American Jazz Museum is a destination for all things jazz.

Blue Gallery

blue-galleryThrough history, the visual arts have been humanity’s most elemental form of expression. Blue Gallery was inspired by reverence for that power. It was conceived as a sanctuary for the art experience. Today, the gallery remains dedicated to the idea that the vital, transformative power of the visual arts remain accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstance or academic background.

Crown Center

10201-Crown-Center-07-99Home to the international headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Crown Center offers something for everyone. The three-level Crown Center Shops feature more than 50 shops and restaurants. Come to our "city within a city" and find out for yourself why five million people visit Crown Center each year!


The Arabia Steamboat Museum

steamboatThe Arabia Steamboat Museum is a unique Kansas City attraction: a time capsule of life on the American frontier in the mid-nineteenth century. With the largest collection of pre-Civil Wat artifacts in the world, it offers visitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the everyday objects that made life possible for pioneers in the 1800s.

Kemper Museum

KemperMuseumofArt 01 814e4909-1f1c-4aa6-9633-9c3de73a45a0-prvKansas City’s acclaimed, FREE contemporary art museum, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 1994 and draws more than 100,000 visitors each year. The Museum boasts three locations and a rapidly growing permanent collection of modern and contemporary works of artists from around the world.

Harley-Davidson Museum

promo-about-museumHistory roars to life at the Harley-Davidson Museum. It’s the best of American design and culture – seasoned with freedom and rebellion, showcased in a landmark building. See why the Museum is one of Milwaukee’s top tourist destinations.

Buttonwood Art Space

buttonwoodButtonwood Art Space is a community focused art space and gallery. The gallery is a place for local and regional artists to share their artworks and their commitment to non-profit charities. Buttonwood Art Space hosts two-month-long exhibitions and the 7,500+ square feet of space makes it a unique place to find local art.

The Kansas City Museum

kc-museumEnjoy seeing remaining, original interior architecture alongside spaces in process for historic restoration and rehabilitation at the Kansas City Museum. In its current state, the Museum reveals visible and enduring traces of the past, as well as the promise of what is to come.

Tom's Town Distilling Co.

toms-townTom’s Town Distilling Co. is downtown Kansas City’s first legal distillery since Prohibition. Drawing inspiration from the country’s most polarizing and corrupt political boss, Tom Pendergast, Tom’s Town brings to life the glamorous magnetism of the Gatsby era. Rooted in a deco optimism, Kansas City flouted Prohibition under the Pendergast machine …

Past and Future Annual Conferences

23rd Annual Conference

October 14-17, 2021
Indianapolis, IN

22nd Annual Conference

October 15-18, 2020
Baltimore, MD

21st Annual Conference

October 24-27, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA

20th Annual Conference

October 18-21, 2018
Anaheim, CA
Theme: The Future is Now

19th Annual Conference

October 19-22, 2017
Kansas City, MO
Theme: Journey to the Center

18th Annual Conference

October 6-9, 2016
Washington, DC
Theme: Where Do We Stand? Critical Distance in Bioethics and Medical Humanities
Session Recordings

17th Annual Conference

October 22-25, 2015
Houston, TX
Theme: Ethics and Creative Expression
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16th Annual Conference

October 16-19, 2014
San Diego, CA
Theme: Interprofessional & Inclusive Bioethics & Humanities?
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15th Annual Conference

October 24-27, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Theme: Tradition, Innovation, and Moral Courage
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14th Annual Conference

October 18-21, 2012
Washington, D.C.
Theme: Representing Bioethics
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13th Annual Conference

October 13-16, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Theme: Generation(s) and Transformation(s)
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12th Annual Conference

October 21-24, 2010
San Diego, CA
Theme: Health and Community
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11th Annual Conference

October 15-18, 2009
Washington, D.C.
Theme: Translating Bioethics and Humanities
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10th Annual Conference

October 23-26, 2008
Cleveland, OH
Theme: Future Tense
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9th Annual Conference

October 18-21, 2007
Washington, D.C.
Theme: Connecting & Collaborating

8th Annual Conference

October 26-29, 2006
Denver, CO
Theme: Challenging Voices

7th Annual Conference

October 20-23, 2005
Washington, D.C.
Theme: Suffering and Justice

6th Annual Conference

October 28-31, 2004
Philadelphia, PA

ASBH-Canadian Bioethics Society (CBS) Joint Conference

October 22-26, 2003
Montreal, QC, Canada
Theme: Bioethics Across Borders

5th Annual Conference

October 24-27, 2002
Baltimore, MD

4th Annual Conference

October 25-28, 2001
Nashville, TN

3rd Annual Conference

October 26-29, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT

2nd Annual Conference

October 28-31, 1999
Philadelphia, PA

1st Annual Conference

November 18-22, 1998
Houston, TX

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