Healthcare Ethics Consultant-Certified Program

Be a leader in the evolution of clinical healthcare ethics consulting

The Healthcare Ethics Consultant-Certified (HEC-C) program is the first-ever certification program that identifies and assesses a national standard for the professional practice of clinical healthcare ethics consulting. Established by the HCEC Certification Commission, the HEC-C credential endorses your knowledge of key concepts in healthcare ethics and affirms your expertise, competence, and skillset.

Who is eligible?

Individuals practicing clinical healthcare ethics consulting who have earned a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and provided at least 400 hours of clinical ethics experience, related to the major domain areas of the HEC-C program content outline, within the past 4 years are eligible to sit for the certification examination. Those who demonstrate the requisite practice experience and pass the certification examination will achieve the HEC-C credential.

The HEC-C differs from existing certificate and degree-granting healthcare ethics programs because it underscores your practice experience and assesses your core knowledge and skill in clinical healthcare ethics consulting separate from a predefined course or curriculum. Practicing HECs may be eligible to become certified even in the absence of a certificate or academic coursework.

Why should you get certified?

This much-anticipated certification program endorses your knowledge and skills in assessing factual information about medical ethics concerns, analyzing the ethical questions at hand to resolve issues and conflicts, using consistent processes that adhere to healthcare ethics competencies, and evaluating the outcomes and implications of your consultations. Read the detailed HEC-C program content outline and core references to learn more about the examination content.

Emphasize your core knowledge

Using thorough and standardized evaluation criteria, the HEC-C credential is a credible endorsement of your core knowledge and skills in clinical healthcare ethics consulting. The certification process is led by an expert commission of HECs and aims to further legitimize the essential work you do.

Set yourself apart

The HEC-C credential affirms your role as an essential patient care provider with unique experience and acquired skill at addressing ethical issues for your patients and their families.

Be a driving force for progress and patient advocacy

Your patients and their families, as well as your colleagues, rely on your expertise to resolve difficult ethical concerns that arise during treatment. The HEC-C program recognizes your specialist experience in patient and family advocacy by emphasizing high standards of practice within your institution and in the healthcare ethics consulting field.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more information on the HEC-C program. In the meantime, mark your calendar for these important dates:

    • Application cycle opens—June 10, 2018
    • Early-bird application deadline—September 10, 2018
    • Final application deadline—September 25, 2018
    • Testing window—November 1–30, 2018

Want to be the first to know more information as it is released? Let us know how to contact you by completing the form below. Respondents will receive a summary of the Needs Assessment Survey and Role Delineation Study completed in 2017, which create the foundation of the certification program.

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