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National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference (NUBC)


The National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference (NUBC) is an annual event that brings together students and speakers from across the country each spring. It is a celebration of undergraduate research and an opportunity to introduce a new generation of students to the field of bioethics. Planned and organized completely by students, this two-day event covers issues of current interest within the field of bioethics with discussions led by expert invited by the hosting students.

NUBC features guest speakers, student debates, student essay contests, art exhibits, and film screenings. Topics include medical ethics, science in the media, biotechnology-derived products in agriculture, ethics in the penal system, the definition of disability, the nature of personhood, social responsibility, the 'war' on drugs, bioterrorism, profiting in the biotechnology and medical support industries, and genetically based mental health.

The host school's student group organizes the event. The group selects the theme and sessions, selects and invites speakers, and is responsible for all event coordination details including marketing materials. An ASBH Board member should be included on the program for not less than 15 minutes to speak on the fields of bioethics and humanities. Once the dates, theme, and proposed speakers are identified, the group submits them for review for timing and balance. ASBH links from its website to the host school's NUBC web page and promotes the meeting to ASBH members.

Proposals to host a NUBC should be submitted to ASBH no later than November 1 for the following year. Proposals should cover the following:

  • Current bioethics offerings on campus
  • Proposed program for the conference
  • Budget
  • Organizing for the Conference
  • Letters of Support from Key Players

Past Host Schools

Case Western Reserve University (2016), Florida State University (2015), Loyola University of Chicago (2014), Georgetown University (2013), University of Denver (2012), Duke University (2011), University of Puget Sound (2010), Harvard University (2009), Union College (2008), Michigan State University (2007), Notre Dame (2006), University of Pennsylvania (2005), University of Michigan (2004), Texas A & M (2003), Boston University (2002), Emory (2001), Notre Dame (2000), University of Virginia (1999), and Princeton (1998)