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32nd Annual Summer Seminar in Healthcare Ethics and Surgical Ethics Conference

July 29 – August 2, 2019

Seattle, WA

Summer Seminar: This annual one-week Seminar is an intensive, interactive introduction to the four-box method of analysis of ethical problems in clinical ethics. It aims to provide participants with skills and information sufficient to enable them to make competent ethical decisions in clinical situations and to assist others in doing so. In conjunction with the Summer Seminar, a one-day Surgical Ethics Conference will analyze topics of special interest through tailored lectures, multi-disciplinary panels, and small group discussion.


Aspen Program for Ethical Healthcare Leadership

Sept 9 - 11, 2019

Aspen, Colorado 

This program explores how ethical responsibilities and relationships between governing bodies, chief executives, senior managers, clinical leaders, and other key stakeholders in health care organizations can affect their ability to produce care that is safe, timely, efficient, effective, patient-centered and equitable. As health care becomes more integrated, complicated, and personalized, forward-thinking leaders must adapt to an environment in which multiple stakeholders will hold varying – and sometimes conflicting – role responsibilities, values, and expectations. Participants in the Aspen Program for Ethical Healthcare Leadership will gain valuable perspective and skills for navigating this complex environment. The Program offers access to a world-class faculty and a relevant and thought-provoking curriculum, all in the beautiful surroundings of Aspen, Colorado.

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