Affinity Groups

These special interest groups are a great way to connect with other ASBH members who share your academic or clinical focus or practice in a similar setting.

ASBH affinity groups plan presentations and educational programs; develop position papers, guidelines, and practice standards; monitor and recommend responses to regulatory legislation and ethical issues; and review and recommend research priorities.

If you wish to participate in an Affinity Group, join ASBH now and then follow these steps to join as many affinity groups as you like.

  1. Log into "My Account" with your ASBH Username and Password.
  2. Click into "Profile & Demographics."
  3. Find "Affinity Group" and click the "Edit" button.
  4. Choose any affinity group that interests you. Note that the Start Date will auto-fill once you save your selection.
  5. Click the "Save" button and repeat steps 3 & 4 to join as many affinity groups as you wish.

Affinity Groups and Their Leaders

Animal Bioethics
L. Syd Johnson, PhD; Adam Shriver, PhD

Bioethics and Christian Theology
Devan Stahl, PhD; Matthew Vest

Clinical Ethics Consultation
Jeffrey Spike, PhD

Clinical Research Ethics Consultation
Ben Wilfond, MD

Conflict Resolution and Bioethics
Mathew D. Pauley, JD MA

Dental Ethics
Laura Bishop, PhD

Disability & Rehabilitation Ethics
Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, PhD; April Dworetz, MD MPH

ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications)
Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, PhD; Eric Juengst, PhD

Environmental Bioethics 
Cory Labrecque, PhD

Ethics and Humanities Educators in the Health Professions
Tom Harter, PhD; Marin Gillis, PhD LPh

Feminist Approaches to Bioethics
Lisa Campo-Engelstein, PhD; Barry DeCoster, PhD

History of Medical Ethics
Robert Baker, PhD; Susan Lederer, PhD

Hospice & Palliative Care
Richard Butin, MD

Jewish Bioethics
Jonathan K. Crane, PhD

Law & Bioethics
Valerie Gutmann Koch, JD; Nadia Sawicki, JD MBe

LGBT & Gender Identity
Lance Wahlert, PhD

Literature & Medicine
Gretchen Case, PhD

Medical Decision Making
Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby, MA PhD; Peter Ubel, MD

Mental Health Ethics and Policy
Jennifer Hawkins

Laura Specker Sullivan

Katherine DuBois, MSN RN-BC

Organizational Ethics
Evan DeRenzo, PhD

Pediatric Ethics
Erin Paquette, MD JD MBe

Jeremy Garrett, PhD

Philosophy of Medicine
Abraham Schwab, PhD

Public Health
Alison Bateman-House, MA MPH PhD

Race & Culture/Ethnicity
Anne R. Simpson, MD CMD; Faith E. Fletcher, PhD MA

Religion, Spirituality and Bioethics
Amy DeBaets, PhD; Hajung Lee, JD PhD(c)

Cristie Cole Horsburgh, JD; Lauren Flicker, JD MA

Lisa Chin, JD MA MPH BSc EDD

Residency Interest Group
Marianne Burda, MA MD PhD; Eric Singer, MA MD

Rural Bioethics
Sally Bliss, RN MSB

Social Work
Valerie B. Satkoske, PhD; Amy M. VanDyke, MSW LSW PhD

Student Interest
Jennifer Chevinsky

Surgical Ethics
Scott B. Grant, MD MBe; Peter Angelos, MD PhD FACS; Christian J. Vercler, MD MA FACS; Andrew G. Shuman, MD; Kavita Shah Arora, MD MBe; Carrie Thiessen, MD PhD

Undergraduate Bioethics and Humanities Educators
Craig Klugman, PhD

Visual Arts & Cultural Representations
Therese Jones, PhD

List Serves

Many affinity groups offer participation in list serves in specialized areas. ASBH members may also participate in the ASBH List Serve in which members share announcements of scholarly meetings and events of general interest to the field of bioethics and humanities. Refer to the benefits of ASBH membership for more information.