Benefits of Certification for Leadership in Healthcare Ethics Consulting

Highlight the proficiency of your healthcare ethics team.

The HEC-C program is designed as an endorsement of your healthcare ethics team’s knowledge of and commitment to ethical patient care practices. By encouraging your team members to earn the HEC-C credential, you are offering them a crucial professional development opportunity that underscores their specialized skillset and the credibility of their experience.

Achieve a recognized standard of practice within your team.

The HEC-C program enables you to ensure that every member of your healthcare ethics team possesses the core knowledge and skills necessary for healthcare ethics consulting. This helps you maintain a fundamental standard of practice in addressing ethical concerns during patient care at your institution.

Maintain the highest quality of patient and family care.

Healthcare ethics concerns are often critical to the lives of patients and their families. Having a team of healthcare ethics consultants who carry the HEC-C credential sends a clear message that these complex issues are being handled by dependable and knowledgeable professionals.

Further your institution’s healthcare ethics initiatives.

Over the years, healthcare institutions across the country have further emphasized healthcare ethics consultation as an integral part of the medical decision-making process. Encourage your team members to get certified and demonstrate your institution’s commitment to advocating for patients and their families.

Learn how healthcare ethics consultation certification can benefit you and your team.

Applications to sit for the examination during the November 2018 testing window are due by September 10, 2018.

Are you a healthcare ethics consultant interested in applying for the HEC-C program? See how getting certified can help you drive forth your career.

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