Nominating Committee

Seeking Qualified Candidates for the 2018 Board of Director and Nominating Committee Elections

ASBH strives to provide visionary leadership that reflects the diverse interests and needs of its members. In order to realize this vision, dynamic leaders are needed to serve on the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.

The 2018 Nominating Committee seeks candidates with specific leadership qualities that have been identified as beneficial for leading ASBH through current strategic initiatives and planning for future growth.  The core qualities sought include skills in the following areas:
•    Knowledge of effective governance
•    Integrity
•    Interpersonal skills
•    Effective decision-making
•    Strategic orientation

Each candidate will be asked to provide information demonstrating their skills in each area as part of the candidate application.

Board of Director Candidate Applications are available for the following positions:
•    Secretary (2-year term; 1 position open)
•    Student Director (1-year term; 1 position open)

Completed Applications must be received by May 31, 2018.

Nominating Committee Operating Guidelines
The Nominating Committee has the responsibility to put forward to the membership a slate of candidates with the experience, skills, and competencies needed on the board of directors as well as the nominating committee to achieve a balanced, diverse, and high-functioning board.

Consideration should be given to age, gender, ethnicity, experience, discipline, employment setting, training, geographic location, and other criteria as appropriate to achieve balance on the board, given those who will continue to serve and any gaps that may result as members rotate off the board.

Every candidate should be well qualified to serve the Society if elected. The committee will take care to be well-informed of all nominees' qualifications and backgrounds. The committee will ensure that all nominees are judged equally, including those who may be colleagues, collaborators, friends, or relatives; those who have solicited nominations, personal letters, or telephone calls from their own friends and colleagues; and those who are not as well-known to committee members.

Process and Timeline
During the month of April, the call for nominations opens and members may nominate themselves or others as candidates for the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee. When the call closes in May, the committee reviews all nominations and builds a ballot based on the qualifications above. The election takes place in July and the candidates and membership are informed of the results in August.

Nominating Committee
Paul Lombardo, JD PhD, Chair
Amy Haddad, RN PhD, Past President
Emily Anderson, PhD MPH
Stephen Olufemi Sodeke, PhD MA
Claretta Yvonne Dupree, RN MSN PhD
Matthew Wynia, MD MPH