Nominating Committee

The members of the 2018 Nominating Committee are:

Paul Lombardo, JD PhD, Chair
Amy Haddad, RN PhD, Past President
Emily Anderson, PhD MPH
Stephen Olufemi Sodeke, PhD MA
Claretta Yvonne Dupree, RN MSN PhD
Matthew Wynia, MD MPH


The role of the committee is to solicit nominations from ASBH members for elected positions, to create a slate of candidates for open positions, to conduct elections, to resolve any ties in the number of votes during an election, and to inform candidates and the membership of election results.

ASBH seeks nominees who have knowledge of effective governance and relationships in ASBH and the bioethics and humanities community; are role models for civility, honesty, and professional behavior; support and defend diversity; listen to and understand other points of view; and are able to think strategically. Board members are expected to attend two calls and two face-to-face meetings each year. Nominating Committee members are expected to participate in up to three one-hour calls in April and May.

Process and Timeline

During the month of April, the call for nominations opens and members are invited to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee. When the call closes in May, the committee reviews all nominations and builds a ballot based on the qualifications above. The election takes place in July and the candidates and membership are informed of the results in August.